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The Easiest Way to Hit a Draw with Your Driver

We have talked about the ways to hit a draw in the article, How to Hit a Draw with Your Driver, How to Hit a Draw, How Phil Mickelson Hits a Fade or a Draw and so on.

Today, I would like to show you the easiest way to hit a draw with your driver.

How to Hit a draw off the Tee

Here is how you can hit a draw. The most important key is in your set-up.

1. Pick you target

First, we need to pick your target on the right side of the fairway. We want the ball to start at this target and curve back to the left.

2. Alignment

Next, I want you to set your clubface to the target you picked above. Set you clubface so that your clubface is looking directly at the target.

Now, set your shoulders, feet, knees parallel to the target line which is the line from the ball to your target.

3. Ball position

Set you ball just inside or in line with your left heel. Please see Correct Ball Position for Driver, Iron and Wedge for more information.

When hitting your draw, you might want to try to set the ball just a little bit right of your normal position. Setting the ball little right such as 1 ball-length to the right will make it easier to close the clubface at impact and help you hit a draw.

4. Change the face angle and re-grip the club

Finally, let’s talk about your clubface. At this point, your clubface should be looking at the first target that you picked.

Now, we are going to close the clubface for a draw.

To do this, I want you to pick your second target that is 10 yards or 15 yards left of your first target. The more you aim left, the more you will curve the ball.

Your second target is the spot where you want the ball to land.

After picking your second target, I want you to close the clubface and make sure your clubface is now looking at your second target.


I want you to close the clubface first and then re-grip your club. If you would just close the clubface, your clubface will eventually open during the downswing because of the centrifugal force.

So close the clubface first and then re-grip your club.

Like we talked about before, this is not the only way to hit your draw. But I think this is the easiest way to hit a draw for most players.

5. Golf swing

When I ask players to hit a draw like above. Some players try to swing left in an effort to guide the ball to the second target. But they either hit a pull or pull-hook.

So it's important to start the ball to the first target that you picked. To do this, you need to swing your club so that your clubhead path would be inside-to-inside.

Your ball will start at your first target, but if your clubface is closed at impact, your ball will eventually curve to the left.

6. 2 keys to hit your draw

Here are the 2 keys to hit your draw successfully.

1) Watch the ball at impact

Like we talked about in the article, The Easiest Way to Hit a Fade with Your Driver, it's important to WATCH the impact.

When hitting your draw, you have to make sure your clubface is closed or looking at your second target that you picked at impact.

In reality, you really can't see the moment of impact or the ball being hit.

But try to watch it happen. You may not be able to actually see it happen, but I want you to try it anyway.

Try to see it in your mind, also.

Most players are not watching the impact. But instead, they are looking up to see the ball. This will make it very difficult to control the clubface at impact and cause push shots, push-slice and other trouble shots.

2) Turning of your body on the downswing

When I see players who are having the difficult time hitting a draw, I find that some players are turning their body too fast during the downswing.

This is an effective way to hit a fade. But for draw, you don't want to turn your body too fast on the downswing.

Actually, you want to feel like your body turn on the downswing is even little slower when hitting your draw.

Here is one of the techniques I recommend.

Swing back to the top of your golf swing. At this point your chest should be looking right. Now start your downswing but try to feel like your chest is continuing to face right.

You actually can't keep your chest looking right but the image will help you slow down your body turn. And as a result, you will have more room to swing your arms and hands on the downswing.

I hope this helps.

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