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Correct Ball Position for Driver, Iron and Wedge

We have talked about the importance of the ball position in golf. (See The Ball Position determines Your Ball Flight)

Pros and good players know that the ball position is one of the most important aspects in golf. So we should pay attention to it.

From Driver to Wedge

Before I explain about the ball position, I need you to understand that the correct position varies from person to person.

For golfers who prefer to hit a draw like myself will position the ball a bit more right than the normal position. For golfers who fade the ball, they might position it a bit more left than normal.

So you need to experiment to find the correct position for you.

Now I think that the ball position should vary depending on the club that you hit. With longer clubs, you should play the ball forward. With shorter clubs, you should play the ball back.

Here is what I suggest:

Driver: Just inside or in line with your left heel
Fairway Woods: A ball-length or two back of driver ball position
Middle Irons: a ball-length or two forward of center
Short Irons and Wedge: Center of stance

With a driver, you need to sweep the ball or hit it on the upswing. With fairway woods and long irons, you want to sweep the ball.

With your middle irons and short irons (and wedges), you want to hit it with the descending blow so you want to play the ball back.

Ball Position for Tiger Woods

At the Tiger Woods golf clinic, one of the audience asked Tiger if the ball position varies depending on the club or stays at one place.

Jack Nicklaus preferred to set the ball opposite of his left heel for every club.

But Tiger Woods had a different idea about ball position. He varies its position depending on the club he hits.

His ball position was

Sand Wedge: center of stance or a bit toward left from center
5 Iron: a ball-length forward from sand wedge ball position
Driver: a ball-length forward from 5 iron ball position

So his ball position varies within the 3 ball-length.

Harvey Penick said that the ball position for a driver and 3 wood off the tee should be just the opposite of left heel. As the club gets shorter, the ball position should moves little to the right. When you come to 9 iron, he said the ball should be in the center of stance.

So ball position varies from the left heel to the center of stance.

I don't say which method is correct. But I think that you need to find what works best for you.

If you prefer to hit a fade, you might want to position the ball a bit toward left than normal.

If you want to hit a draw, you might want to position it a bit toward right than normal.

I used to struggle with my golf swing for more than a few years. But one day, I changed my ball position and solved the problems I have over the years.

That's how important the ball position is.

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