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The Drill to Increase Distance with a Driver

For most golfers, the driver is the hardest club to hit. It has the least loft and the longest shaft.

Players think they have to hit it far with a driver so they start to swing harder if they are not hitting it well.

When you are not hitting the driver well, you should stop swinging harder because that's the worst thing you can do when you are not hitting it on the sweet spot.

You can try so hard to swing faster. But you can waste all of your effort unless the clubhead is moving at the fastest speed at impact.

The drill I show you today will help you increase your clubhead speed at impact and hit it on the sweet spot more often.

1) Set up to hit a driver
2) Tee the ball up higher than normal
3) Hover your clubhead behind the ball
4) Swing back and hit the ball
5) Try to stop at impact and try not to take any follow through
6) Don't look up. Keep your eyes on the tee well after impact

Your goal should be to hit it on the sweet spot. So you don't need to hit it hard at all. Swing with 50% of your clubhead speed and focus on hitting it in the middle of your clubface.

At address, visualize hitting it right on the sweet spot. During the swing, I want you to keep that image in your mind. All you need to do is to recreate that image coming into impact.

I told you to stop at impact and try not to take any follow through. To be exact, you can't stop at impact because of centrifugal force.

But at least try to do so. This is very important for this drill.

Start with 50% of your swing speed. If you feel like you are hitting it on the sweet spot every time with that speed, gradually increase your swing speed.

Towel Drill

Here is another drill for more distance. We are going to use a towel for this drill. You can use a face towel or hand towel.

First, wrap the towel around the neck of your driver. This will add weight to your driver head and help you add power or fix your quick tempo on the backswing.

It will also help you shift your weight completely on the back foot on the backswing.

Now, take 20 practice swings in a row. Do 3 sets.

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