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How to Hit a Draw with Your Driver

See How to Hit a Draw & Fade with a Driver also.

I have studied the pros who changed from hitting a fade to a draw. We can learn a lot from them.

One of the things most of them did was to change their ball position. Players who hit a fade usually position the ball forward with their driver. Some position the ball in line with their heel. Others position the ball a ball length or two forward of left heel.

With your ball little more forward than normal, it prevents you to push the ball and makes it easier to hit a fade that starts left of the target and come back to the right.

If you like to change your ball flight to a draw, you need to change your ball position. You want the ball to be in line with your left heel or a ball length or two inside your left heel.

Some draw hitters position the ball in line with left armpit.

You might feel strange if you we the ball back this much. But by moving the ball back, it will help you hit it from inside out on the downswing.

The Initial Direction of the Ball

Draw hitters really hate to hit it right with a push or slice. They are aiming right at the start. So hitting it even more to the right means trouble.

So what do they do to avoid right? They tend to position the ball forward in order to avoid a slice and push. If you place your ball forward than normal, it makes it easier to hit it left.

But if you place your ball too far forward, you will start to hit a pull-hook or duck hook. If the ball position is too far forward, the initial direction that the ball will travel will be left of your aim line.

Draw hitters want to start the ball right of the target and make it come back to the left.

If you position your ball too far forward and try to start your ball right of the target, what will happen?

You will be forced to open your clubface and hit a push-slice.

A push-slice is the worst shot to hit for draw hitters. So they try really hard to change their swing to avoid push-slice.

But the real cause might be the ball position that is too far forward.

What Determines Swing Path?

If you want to hit a draw with your driver, you need to pay attention to your swing path, also.

For a draw, the swing path should be inside out or inside in.

And the swing path is often determined by the shoulder line at address. If your shoulders are aligned left of the target, you tend to swing outside in. If it's aligned right, you will swing inside out.

So when trying to hit a draw with your driver, pay attention to your ball position and shoulder alignment.

Try to align your shoulders square to your aim line (right of your target).

When I was in college, I was working so hard to get one thing right. If I was working on my grip, I was only paying attention to my grip.

That's fine. But to hit the shot you want constantly, you need to have all the things correct at address.

The grip, ball position, posture, alignment and so on.

You have to have the right combination of those for your intended shots.

That's why golf is difficult. But it may also be the reason why lots of people fall in love with golf.

No matter how young or old you are, it's always fun to challenge something.

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