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How to Close Your Clubface into Impact to Fix Slice

Fixing your slice could be frustrating sometimes. I used to fight slice for a long time when I was in college.

I tried everything I could for more than a few years, but I wasn't able to fix it. I almost gave up trying. See How to Fix Your Slice Completely for more information about fixing your slice.

Anyway, I understand how frustrating it is to try to fix your slice.

I received the email from a golfer one day. He told me that his golf teacher told him to try to hit the imaginary ball in front of his right foot to fix his slice with his driver.

He tried it but didn't really work well. So he asked me if this advice would really fix his slice or not.

If you are hitting lots of slice, your clubface must be open to the target at impact.

With less lofted clubs with longer shafts like your driver, the ball will curve to the right if the clubface is open just a tiny bit.

That's why his teacher told him to try to hit the imaginary ball in front of his right foot to close his clubface early before impact to avoid hitting slice.

But this method didn't work for him because he was casting or releasing his club too early on the downswing in an effort to hit his imaginary ball.

When you release your club too early or uncock your wrists too early, you will start to pull it or hit lots of pull slices.

Try to Square Your Clubface Early

Trying to hit the imaginary ball in front of your right foot is good idea. But if you hit lots of pulls or slices as a result, you should try other ways to fix your slice.

On the downswing, when your clubhead comes in front your right foot, I want you make sure to square your clubface.

So by the time the clubhead reaches the right foot, I want you to make sure your clubface is looking at the target.

If I tell players to close their clubface at impact, it might be too late because the clubhead is moving at the very fast speed.

So try to close your clubface early.
This tip works well for a lot of players.

2 Positions to Check

I have one more hint for you. When you try the tip above, I want you to check 2 things when your clubhead reaches the right foot on the downswing.

When your clubhead comes in front of your right foot on the downswing:

1. Your hands should be toward the inside of your left thigh
2. Clubface is looking at the target

If your hands are well back, you are casting and won't hit the ball very far at all.

If you are hitting big slices all the time, I want you to put yourself in the position above and re-grip your club.

One of the major reasons why you leave your clubface open at impact is a weak grip. You want to grip the club so that the clubface almost automatically closes through impact.

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