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Fixing the Slice with a Driver

I know some golfers who hit the ball straight with every club except the driver.

Unfortunately, the driver is the easiest club to hit a slice.


The loft of the driver has a lot to do with it. Of course, the longer shaft will make it harder to square the face at impact, but the shaft length has a little to do with a side spin.

You can probably hit your 9-iron straighter than your 3 wood or driver.

That's because 9-iron has more loft on the club. More loft means more backspin. The backspin kills some side spin. That's why you hit your 9-iron straighter than longer clubs.

The driver has a very little loft on it because in order to hit the ball far you want to eliminate too much backspin.

But this is making your driver the hardest club to hit it straight.

How to Square the Clubface

Before we go on, you should change your grip first. Without the correct grip, you won't hit it straight no matter how much you practice or how many balls you hit.

See Grip for more information.

One of the best ways to hit a little draw with a driver is to focus on the back of your left hand. If you wear a watch, you can use your watch for this drill.

1) Swing to the top with a driver
2) Start your downswing
3) By the time the shaft becomes parallel with the ground, try to point your watch or the back of your left hand toward the ground.

You don't have to hit a ball for this drill.

You might think if you point your watch toward the ground, you are going to hit a duck hook. But because the clubhead is traveling at a high speed, the clubface will not close at much as you think at impact.

If you still slice, try to point the back of your left hand toward the ground as soon as you start your downswing.

It may be harder to control the clubhead, so you might want to focus on the things that are easier to control. In that sense, focusing on your hand position is a good idea.

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