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Hitting a Big Hook to Fix Your Slice

Most golfers slice. Players try to fix it by trying to hit it straight. But the straight shot is very difficult to hit. Even tour pros don't usually hit it dead straight. They either have a tiny draw or fade.

So for amateurs, the best way to fix the slice is to learn to hit a hook. If you understand the logic of hitting a hook, you will have easy time fixing your slice.

If you are slicer, you will have lots of fun hitting a hook. You will be surprised to see how solid you can hit the shots with the clubface closing through impact and how far the ball goes with a hook.

So let’s start hitting a hook.

When we do this, I want you to hit a big hook. Try to see how much you can hook the ball.

1) Use 7-iron
2) Set your ball two ball length right of center
3) Close your clubface so that the face is pointing 50 yards left of your target
4) This is important. Close your face first and then grip the club. Don't grip the club first and then close it. You have to rotate your club to the left and then grip it
5) Hit shots with 60% of your swing speed

When you hit shots, try to turn the clubface toward the ground at impact for a big hook.

You can also try the following.

1) Try to see how many hooks you can hit in a row
2) Change how much you close the face at address and see how the ball reacts

If you feel like you can hit hooks anytime with this drill, you should try to hit a hook that does not curve as much.

To do this, try to aim your clubface 10 yards left of your target and grip the club. Move your ball in the middle of your stance to hit a little draw.

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