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How to Fix Slice using Light Grip Pressure

There are players who fixed their slice using lighter grip pressure.

Most amateurs grip the club too hard. On the other hand, pros never grip the club too hard.

The bad thing about griping it too hard is that it makes it harder to feel the clubface angle and the weight of the clubhead during the golf swing.

Some teachers say you should swing a golf club as if you are swinging a whip. But not too many players really understand how it feels to swing a club like a whip.

I think this is because they are gripping a club too hard.

I know the player who finally understood how it feels to swing it like a whip.

How did he do it?

He simply griped the club much lighter than he used to. He tried to club the club lighter so that if someone tries to pull the club from his hands, he/she can easily pull it out from his hands.

By gripping the club much lighter than before, he was able to feel the weight of the clubhead. As a result, he finally understood and felt the shaft as if it were a whip.

Fixing the Push-Slice

By gripping the club with light grip pressure, he not only understood how to swing a club like a whip but also fixed his push-slice.

He had a problem with the open clubface during the downswing. And it was causing him to hit the push-slice to the right.

He was hitting it so far to the right. Because he often hit it OB, he had a hard time breaking 90.

But since he changed his grip pressure, he was able to feel the weight of the clubhead. At the same time, he started to focus on the clubface.

Gripping the club lightly enabled him to do this. He said he was trying to focus so hard on the clubface.

Before then, he had no idea where the clubface is facing during the golf swing. But now he has some idea whether it's open or closed during the downswing.

This really helped him. He finally was able to fix his push-slice.

Be the clubface.

I often tell myself when putting. But this is also good idea with your normal golf swing. I used to focus on my hands, my arms and so on during the golf swing, I find it much more effective to just focus on the clubface.

I believe it could help you to fix your slice or hook and add more distance to all your clubs as well.

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