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When do Golfers Shoot Their Best Score?

It's a lot of fun when you shoot your best score. But if you actually try to shoot your lowest score on that day, it won't give you good result.

But why?

When golfers shot their lowest score, what were they thinking or what happen to them?

If you understand what they were doing, you have a good chance of shooting your best score the next time you play.

Let it go

Golfers who shot their lowest score said that they made a big mistake on the 1st hole or during the first few holes they played.

They three-putted on the first hole, hit it out of bounds and so on.

But why they came up with the lowest score even if they made a mistake on the first hole?

That's because they kind of gave up trying to shoot their best after making a mistake on the first hole.

Before the mishit, three putt or whatever, they were trying to control results.

But you can't control results.
The result happens.
You can't make it happen.
You just let it happen.

Those golfers gave up trying to control results because they failed on the first hole.

But it made it much easier for them to just play golf.

Change Your Goal

When you set your goal for the day, try to come up with something you can actually control. Like we talked about, results can't be controlled.

I often set my goal to take one shot at a time as if it was the last shot of my life. I do this because I can enjoy golf more than I used to when I was thinking about results and my score.

You can set your goal to check your ball position every time you set up to the ball. Or you can try to take it back slowly on the backswing and so on.

Any goal is fine as long as it's something you can control.

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