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Visualization Technique in Golf

In golf like other sports, lots of top players use visualization technique to hit shots.

Jack Nicklaus used this technique before every shot. He said, "going to the movie." He was seeing the shot in his mind before he actually hit it.

Tiger Woods uses this technique as well.

The Interesting Data

Before we talk about how you can use the visualization technique and how you do it, I want to show you the interesting data.

This research was done in USA. The researchers divided the subjects who never played basketball into 3 groups. The 1st group was asked to practice free throws for an hour per day for 2 weeks.

The 2nd group did nothing. The 3rd group was asked to use visualization technique every day. They were shooting free throws in their mind.

The results were interesting.

The 1st group improved 41% after 2 weeks. The 2nd group didn't improve. But the 3rd group improved 40%!!

Even through the 3rd group didn't actually shot free throws during the 2 weeks. They improved as much as the 1st group.

That's just shows you how powerful the visualization technique is.

Now, let's see how you can apply it to your golf game.

See the Shots You Want Before You Hit Them

Every time you step up to the ball, try to see the shot you want to hit in your mind, then hit it.

Tiger Woods pictures the shot he wants to hit during his pre-shot routine. He sees its trajectory, where the ball will land and stop.

You might think this technique is for low-handicap players, but I think whatever your handicap is, you will benefit from it.

When you try to visualize the shot, try not to visualize unrealistic shots because your mind knows that's unreal and you won't get the good results.

You can also use this technique on putting.

Visualize → Hit the Putt

Visualization is also important in putting. When you feel like you can't make putts, you are visualizing the wrong image in your mind.

Instead of thinking about missing putts, try to visualize the ball going into the cup before you actually hit your putt.

Here is an interesting visualization training that you can do at home or at work.

For instance, before touching the mouse, I want you to visualize the following.

1. How does it feel when you touch it?
2. Is it warm or cold?
3. Is it hard or soft?

After forming the mental picture, touch your mouse.

You can do this with other things as well. The key is to visualize first before actually touching it.

If you do this regularly, you'll be good at visualizing when you really need to make putts.

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