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Par 5: Five Ways to Decide When to Go for it

On par 5's, do you lay up or go for it in two? How would you decide whether you go for it or not?

Some golfers always go for it in two. But most of the time, they fail to reach the green in two and get big numbers instead.

Sam Snead used to go for the green all the time. But he analyzed his score and decided not to go for the green in two if he couldn't reach it with an iron.

His scoring average dropped dramatically. He started to play much better golf since then.

Zach Johnson became the first Masters champion who won without going for a par 5 in two. He played the par 5's in 11 under without a bogey.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go for it. But I think you should have a clear rule when you have to make a decision.

5 Ways to Decide

When you are faced with the second shot in par 5's, there are 5 ways to come up with the decision.

1.If you can't make up your mind, lay up
2.If you can hit the green 7 out of 10 times, go for it
3.If you can have clear image of yourself hitting the green, go for it
4.Try to think about risk and reward in your situation
5.Do what you think is fun

Davis Loveā…¢'s father, Davis Love Jr once said that he would go for the green, if you could hit it 7 out of 10 times. I think it's a very rule to have.

My father was a very good player. He won lots of amateur tournaments in Japan. He told me not to do it if I can't make up my mind.

I follow his advice every time.

5.Do what you think is fun

I think this is very important in golf or anything else. Golf is a game, so you should have fun with it.

Instead of trying to pick what you think is right, try to choose what you think is fun. Things go well when you start to choose the one that's fun for you.

If I give this advice to golfers, you might think everybody will go for it in two. But if they hit it in the water or out of bounds as a result of going for it, that's not fun.

Sometimes it's fun to just lay up and try to hit it close to the pin for the birdie.

So you have to ask yourself which choice is actually fun.

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