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The Position of Your Hands at Address and Impact

There was the research done to see the difference in the positions of the hands at address and impact. Researchers analyzed 4 of the top tour pros in Japan to see the difference.

By analyzing data, researchers found that pros' hands at impact were closer to the target than they were at address. They found the same results in all four players.

In other words, the hands’ position at address and at impact was not the same.

They also found out that the pros' hands were about 4 inches higher at impact than they were at address.

Because of the centrifugal force, you will be forced to uncock your wrist through impact. That's why their hands were 4 inches higher at impact. And this is why you will see the toe down effect in golf swing.

Please see toe down effect for more information.

Anyway, because the toe of the clubhead drops at impact (toe down effect), you want the toe to be little off the ground at address to catch the ball solid.

Fixing Push Slice

The push slice often happens with longer clubs such as a driver.

I see golfers trying to swing the club so that the clubhead will beat their hands at impact. They are trying to fix or avoid push slice.

But like we talked about, pros have their hands closer to the target than they were at address.

If your clubhead wins the race against your hands, you won't put a lot of power on the ball, or you will tend to pull the shot.

To fix your push slice with a driver, you want your hands to be little forward of the ball and feel like the palm of your right hand is facing towards the ground at impact.

When you see your shots going to the right and curving even more to the right, I understand that you want to position your ball more forward in your stance.

But you will pull every shot by positioning your ball too far forward. So you will aim right in order to hit it straight.

Your shot might go straight, but it's really a pull because you are aiming right.

The problem with this shot is that it gives you hard time hitting a draw that goes long off the tee.

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