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4 Ways to Turn the Clubface Over through Impact

Most amateurs slice the ball because they fail to turn the clubface over through impact.

They leave the clubface open at impact and put a slice spin on the ball.

Here are 4 ways to close your clubface through impact.

1. Misconception about clubface angle

To hit the ball straight, the clubface has to be square at impact. By if you try harder to square your clubface, you are going to hit a slice.

In reality, the clubface closes quickly just after it contacts the ball. When you see pro's swing in super slow motion, you will be surprised to see the clubface closing so much right after impact.

So if you try to push your clubface out toward the target, you'll slice the ball.

To hit it straight, you need to feel like your clubface is closing at impact.

2. Five Reasons

I think there are 5 reasons why you fail to turn your clubface over.

1) Misconception about clubface angle

We talked about this above.

2) Grip

If you have a weak grip, it will open up your clubface at impact. You are going to have a very difficult time fixing it if you don't change your grip.

What's right for one player might not be so for another. So if you copy pro's grip, it might still be a weak grip for you.

If you are slicer, rotate both hands to the right until you see 3 knuckles of your left hand at address. When gripping your right hand, try to grip it from the right side of the grip instead of over the top.

3) Hitting it too much from the inside

Some golfers do just fine with all clubs but can't hit a driver. They push the shot right with a slice spin on the ball.

If this is the case, check to see if you are not trying to hit it too much on the upswing. Also, check your ball position. It may be too far left. Keep the ball in line or inside the left heel.

Tiger Woods used to have problems on his downswing. His hands were stuck behind him. When this happens, he blocks the shot and hits it to the right.

His problem was hitting too much from the inside. That's causing him to stuck on the downswing.

4) Looking up too early

This will also cause the clubface to open at impact. I will discuss in more detail later.

5) Sliding your hips on the downswing

See How to Stop Sliding (or Swaying) on the Downswing

3. The Drill to Fix This Problem

A good drill to fix this problem is to swing a golf club with split hands.

Simply take your normal grip and then lower your right hand a few inches down the shaft.

Swing a club with this split hands grip for 20 times. And do 5 sets.

This grip will make it easier to use your right hand during the swing. So you can learn how to use your right hand.

In other words, you should grip in the way you can take advantage of your right hand. Some golfers change their left hand grip and leave the right hand. So make sure you change your right hand grip as well.

4. Focus on your clubface

Take a slow practice swing. During the swing, try to feel the clubface. Without looking, try to guess which way the clubface is pointing during the whole swing not just at impact.

I do this drill a lot. It really helps me control my face angle during the swing.

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