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How to Turn Your Hands Over through Impact

Slicers usually fail to turn their hands over through impact. That's why they leave the clubface open at impact and hit a weak slice to the right.

To fix this problem and hit a straight shot or a little draw, you need to turn your hands over through impact.

One of the causes why they fail to do so is grip. See grip to find the correct grip that suits your game.

Another cause is in the head movement during the golf swing.

Now, let's experiment.

Stand up straight and hold your club in front of you. Next, swing your club horizontally. Make sure to stand up straight. You don't need to bend your upper body for now.

When I ask slicers to do this exercise, most players will successfully turn their hands over on the follow through.

But why?

When your arms or the club passes your body or your head on the follow through, your hands will automatically turn over.

If you feel like you can't turn your hands over, your body or your head might be moving forward through impact area. That's why you find it hard to turn your hands over.

How to Stop Your Head from Moving Forward

The reverse pivot can cause your body to move forward on the downswing. Your grip or posture can be the cause as well.

If you look up at impact, your head will move forward and cause you to hit the slice.

To fix this problem, see Looking Up and How to Fix Your Slice.

You can also focus on the clubface at impact to stop your head from moving forward.

If you can focus on your clubface or clubface angle at impact or through impact, your head will stay back as you strike the ball.

Because the clubhead is moving at a fast speed, you won't be able to see the ball at impact. But if you focus your mind on the clubface, you will naturally keep your head back at impact. This is how you can keep your head behind the ball.

So forget about follow through and focus on the clubface. When you see great putters, almost all of them try hard to focus on the putter face angle at impact.

You don't have to try hard to turn your hands over. It just happens if you keep your head back.

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