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How to Release the Club and Fix Blocking the Shots

When trying to get more distance off the tee, players tend to block the shots to the right.

They open their body and hips too early on the backswing, and the arms and the club can't catch up. The club gets stuck behind their body, so they block the shot.

As a result, they are going to push it right or flip their hands to hit a hook.

Steve Flesch who won multiple times on the PGA Tour had the same kind of problem. So he tried hard to fix it.

He said he realized that his 80% swing goes as far as when he goes all out. He was catching the ball on the sweet spot more often by swinging with 80% of his power. He won twice that year.

Technically, he was trying to keep his club in front of his body during the swing. But the real solution to the problem was really simple for him.

If you block shots to the right on tee shot, you might want to try 80% swing and focus more on hitting it in the middle of the clubface rather than trying to swing faster.

Lean to Release the Club

If you release the club through impact, the left arm will rotate through impact and fold on the follow through.

When you look at Vijay Singh's swing, his right hand almost comes off the grip. If you try his move, you will learn to release the club.

Here is how you do it.

1) Swing to the top using your 7-iron
2) Just after impact, let you right hand come off the grip

You should start with practice swings. After some practice swing, tee up the ball and hit the ball with 50% of your swing speed.

The key is not to look up to see where the ball went. Focus on the back of the ball during the backswing. Don't look up until you feel the clubface rotating through impact.

By focusing on the back of the ball, it becomes easier to release the club. But if you try to look up to see the ball, you will tend to block the shot right of the target.

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