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How to Shift Weight on the Backswing

If you can't lift your front foot at the top of your backswing, you may be leaving your weight on the front foot.

Failing to shift your weight correctly on the backswing will cost you distance. No matter how fast you try to swing a golf club, you won't get much distance.

It's a good drill to lift your front foot off the ground on the backswing. When you start your downswing, put your foot back on the ground.

2 Key points for Weight Transfer

1. Left shoulder

Swing to the top and stop. Where is your shoulder at the top? It's a good idea to pay attention to your left shoulder for correct weight shift.

Try to turn your shoulder so that it will be right over the right leg (or right knee).

You can do this at home without a club. Without a golf club, try to swing to the top and make sure your left shoulder is over your right leg.

If your left shoulder is over your right leg, you'll have much better chance of shifting your weight correctly on the backswing.

If you left shoulder is in the middle of your stance at the top, you may have a reverse pivot.

2. Right hip

Also, pay attention to your right hip. For you to shift weight correctly, you must turn your hips instead of slide.

If you slide your right hip to the right on the backswing, you'll tend to have a reverse pivot.

Lots of slicers slide their hips to the right.

So pay attention to your left shoulder and your right hip.

Weight Shift Drill

Here is an easy weight shift drill to help you transfer your weight more on your right foot.

First, using your 6 iron, take your address as you would normally.

Second, narrow your stance about a foot or a bit less than a foot by removing your right foot.

Third, start your backswing by stepping out with your right foot as you take your club back.

You can actually hit the ball with this drill or just take your practice swing using this drill.

Another important point to note is to remember to turn instead of slide.

By stepping out with your right foot, it makes it easier to shift your weight to the right, but then it also makes it easier to slide.

So please remember to turn instead of slide when working on this drill.

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