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How to Start the Downswing (Golf Swing Transition)

Let's talk about the transition in a golf swing. The transition has a lot of effect on the outcome of the shots.

Tiger Woods said that lots of golfers start down suddenly and lose all the power when they reach impact. He said it's important to start down slowly and gather speed gradually.

Tiger has 3 check points for the golf swing transition.

1. Move your weight toward front foot
2. Let your arms fall downward in front of your chest
3. Don't unwind your shoulders too fast

He said if you open or unwind your shoulders too fast, the shoulders will move way ahead of the arms. When this happens, you will come over the top and hit lots of pulls.

But if slicers try not to open their shoulders at the start of the downswing, that will cause even worse slice because their clubface is way open at the top.

They almost have to open their shoulders in an effort to close the clubface before impact. They have to swing left (cut across the ball) because the face is open, and they know the ball will curve too far to the right.

So it's important to control your clubface angle during the backswing. If you slice, pay attention to your grip because your grip will control your clubface angle throughout the swing.

I think that most golfers know that they need to shift their weight to their front foot on the downswing.

However, most of them fail to do so.


That's because they fail to transfer their weight to the back foot on the backswing. The weight is not on the back foot at the top of the swing. It will be magic if you can shift it to the front foot on the downswing from that position.

To fix this problem, see Curing (Stopping) Reverse Pivot with Drills

The Magic Move?

Harvey Penick said “to start your downswing, let your weight shift to your left foot while bringing your right elbow back down to your body." (Harvey Penick Little Red Book p.96)

He said there really is no one magic move. But when you do the move above, you will hit one as if it's magic.

This is really good move because it will let you hit the ball from the inside the target line on the downswing.

But try not to swing too much from the inside because you will get stuck and push the ball to the right.

Uncocking the Wrists

There are many methods out there for the golf swing transition. But don't try all things at once.

Sam Snead said that you can think only one thing at a time. So try to pick one that will help you without prematurely uncocking the wrists.

Lots of long hitters delay uncocking of their wrists on the downswing because that will increase the clubhead speed at impact.

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