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How to Transfer Your Weight for More Solid Contact

When you compare amateurs and pros how they transfer their weight, you will realize that there is a big difference.

Here is the data which came from the research done by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Position Pros Amateurs
Top of the swing (Back foot) 90% 50%
Start of the Downswing(Front foot) 110% 65%
Impact (Both feet) 25% 50%

At the top of the backswing, pros put 90% of their weight on their back foot. But amateurs only put 50% of their weight on their back foot.

At the start of the backswing, pros shift most of their weight to the front foot. However, amateurs only shift 65% of their weight to their front foot.

You can easily guess which one will hit the ball further.

2 Drills to Learn the Weight Transfer

Generally speaking, with irons, most players can shift their weight to their back foot because the club is shorter. With a driver or fairway woods, because the club is much longer, lots of players fail to transfer their weight during the backswing.

Here are the 2 drills to fix your problems.

1) Irons

Take your 7-iron and set up to the ball. Next, I want you to raise your right heel off the ground at address.

Hit balls with your right heel up through impact.

This drill will teach you how you should transfer your weight to your front foot.

2) Driver

With your driver, I want to set up to the ball with your left heel off the ground. Now, swing back to the top. At the start of your downswing, put your left heel back on the ground and shift your weight at the same time.

When hitting the ball, focus on the back of the ball. This will help you hit it more solid.

With both drills, you should swing at 60% and focus on your weight transfer instead of your clubhead speed.

Some players will probably hit the ball much further with this drill than their full swing.

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