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Downswing Weight Shift Drills

On the downswing, your lower body leads the swing. The golf swing (downswing) starts from the ground up.

But if you fail to shift your weight at the start of your downswing or try to start your downswing with your arms and hands, you won't be able to increase your clubhead speed at impact.

Without the correct weight shift, you won't be able to add distance no matter how fast you swing your golf club.

First, You Have to Shift Your Weight to the Right

It will be much harder or almost impossible to shift your weight on the downswing to your front foot without the correct weight shift to your back foot during the backswing.

Without shifting your weight to your back foot during your backswing, you will likely to slide toward the target on the downswing in an effort to shift your weight or to lead your swing with your lower body.

This will lead to a slice or push-slice because you are sliding too much.

In this case, you must learn to shift your weight to your back foot first before trying to shift your weight during the downswing.

For more information about shifting your weight to your back foot, please see Can't Shift the Weight on the Downswing.

Weight Shift Drills to Help You Maximize Clubhead Speed

1) Raise Your Front Foot Drill

Here is the drill that will help you learn to shift your weight correctly.

1. First, take your address position as usual without the ball.
2. Next, during your backswing, try to raise your left foot (front foot) completely off the ground. Try to do this like a home run hitter in baseball.
3. Start your downswing by replacing your front foot on the ground.

Start this drill with your middle iron and gradually move up to your driver.

2) Feet Together Drill

This drill is used by Vijay Sigh and other top pros. It should help you as well. This is similar to the first drill, but if will teach you the feeling of stepping into the downswing so to speak.

1. Frist, start with your feet close together. When I ask players to put their feet close together, they are likely to stand up too straight. So try to bend from your hips and flex your knees slightly.
2. Next, start your backswing
3. When you come to the top of your backswing, lift your front foot off the ground
4. At the start of your downswing, step forward with your front foot.
5. Swing through to the finish.

You can do this with any of your clubs. I recommend starting with your middle iron and swing slowly. As you get comfortable doing this drill, increase your swing speed.

Also, it is a good idea to do this drill before your tee shot. It should help you shift your weight correctly to your front foot during the downswing.

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