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How to Fix the Push Slice

One of the causes of the push slice is the sliding of your head during the downswing.

Players tend to slide their head toward the target when they look up to see the ball too early or try to hit down on the ball.

To fix this problem, I want you to focus on the back of your ball at address and during the swing.

Most players probably look down on the top of the ball. I think that's part of the reason why they hit down with a steep angle of approach into the ball.

So focus on the back of the ball coming into impact. Don't worry about where the shot goes for now.

If you can do this through impact, you will be able to stay behind the ball.

Ball Position

Also, you might want to check your ball position. Most slicers tend to put the ball too far forward in the stance.

When you put it too far forward, you will pull it left. If you try to avoid pulls, you have to slide your head and body to the left to hit the ball.

This will cause you to block the shot and have an open face making you to hit a push slice.

So in this case, you need to put the ball more to the right and work on your weak grip to fix your face angle at impact at the same time.

The Drill to Prevent Sliding

To prevent your head and body from sliding toward the target, you have to stay behind the ball through impact.

Here is the simple drill.

1) Swing to the top
2) On the downswing, try not to raise your back foot until you hit the ball

If you move your body too much on the downswing, the clubhead will not pick up much speed. To increase clubhead speed, you want the quiet body.

Here is another good drill for you.

1) Swing to the top
2) Without turning your chest to the left, swing your arms to hit the ball

To be exact, it's impossible to hit the ball like that. But try to do it anyways. It should help you swing your arms instead of sliding your body toward the target.

Hands Moving too far Forward at Impact

When players try to swing hard, they tend to hit a slice or push-slice.

The harder you try to swing the club, the more you tend to leave your clubface open at impact.

But why does this happen?

This happens because they try to swing their hands and arms when they try to increase swing speed. This will lead to their hands moving too far forward at impact.

At address, try to move your hands toward the target. I think your clubface opens when you do this.

This occurs because you try to swing your hands and arms faster instead of trying to swing the clubhead.

Instead, focus on the clubhead rather than your hand and arms.

You can say the same thing with your putter. Players pay too much attention to the movement of their hands and arms. That's why they miss putts. Instead, pay attention to the movement of your putter face. You will be able to control your putter face much easier this way.

When you need to get some more distance off the tee, focus more on your clubhead and clubface. You will see much better results.

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