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How to Stop Coming Over the Top on the Downswing

Coming over the top is one of the major faults you see among average golfers. If you come over the top, you will cut across the ball and hit a pull or slice.

But why do golfers come over the top?

I think there are three causes for it.

1. Grip and ball position
2. Problems in the backswing
3. Problems in the downswing

If you have incorrect grip, it might force you to come over the top. The same thing is true with incorrect ball position.

So before you read on, read the pages for the grip, ball position and posture.

Unless you have a correct grip, ball position and posture, you will waste your time trying my tips below.

The Real Cause

The real cause for coming over the top is the open clubface. The clubface is open during the swing. If you try to hit it with an open clubface, you will curve the ball to the right like most amateurs.

So you need to do something to close the face or to prevent the ball to slice.

In this case, the correct way to fix the open face is to change your grip and ball position. But most golfers don't pay attention to those important basics of golf and start changing their swing.

Some golfers change their swing unconsciously in an effort to stop slicing.

So what do they do?

They come over the top or cut across the ball to stop the ball from going right. If you ask me to close my clubface without changing weak grip, I would do the same. The only way to stop the ball from slicing is to pull it left.

So work on your grip first.

Stop Cutting across the Ball on the Downswing

After changing it to a stronger grip, you should work on your downswing.

To change your old habit, I want you to pay attention to your chest on the downswing.

When you come over the top, you will open up your shoulders or your chest very early on the downswing.

So this time, try not to open up so early. Here is a simple drill.

1. Swing to the top
2. Start your downswing but make sure your chest is facing right like it was at the top

At the top of your golf swing, your chest must be facing right or the opposite direction of the target. When starting down, try to keep that chest position and swing down.

In reality, you won't be able to keep your chest facing right at impact. But try to feel like it's facing right until impact.

This will make you to swing from the inside and stop coming over the top.

Close the Clubface

The drill above will let you swing from the inside. But if the face is open, you will curve it to the right.

So you need to make sure that the clubface closes through impact.

To do that, try to point the back of your left hand toward the ground on the downswing and at impact.

This should help you turn the clubface over through impact for straighter shots.

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