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How to Cure Fat Shots

Fat shots are often caused by the swing that is outside in. When you cut across the ball or hit down on the ball, your clubhead will come down to the ball with a steep angle of approach.

So it's hard to make consistent contact at impact. That's why golfers who slice the ball also hit it fat so often.

But if you look at good players, they swing from inside in. They are not hitting down on the ball but sweeping the ball off the turf.

If you sweep the ball, you can avoid fat shots easily.

By sweeping the ball, good players have larger or longer impact area. That's why they can hit it consistently.

High handicappers often have smaller or shorter impact zone. So it's really hard to get solid contact with the ball all the time.

To cure your fat shots and hit it crisp all the time, you need to sweep the ball. When you hit it on a descending blow, you don't want to have steep angle of approach. What you want is a slight descending blow with your irons.

Also, try to swing from inside the target line. This will make it so much easier to get good contact with the ball consistently.

Change the Way You Look at the Golf Ball

When you look down on the golf ball at address, what part of the golf ball do you look at?

Most of players probably look at the top of the ball. That's why they hit down on the ball with steep angle of approach.

You need to focus or look at the back of the ball because that's where your clubface will make contact with.

Looking at the back of the ball will let you sweep the ball instead of hitting down on it.

The Drill to Cure Fat Shots

To have larger or longer impact zone, you need to sweep the ball. Here is the good drill that will help you do just that.

Set up to the ball with your 7 iron. I want you to hit balls but try to imagine that there is one more ball right next to the actual ball.

The imaginary ball should be placed to the left (toward target) of the actual ball.

So in your mind, you are hitting through two balls at once.

This drill will fix your steep angle of approach into impact and give you consistent contact with the ball.

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