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Cure Fat Shots and Slice at the Same Time

If you tend to hit fat shots and slice, there is a good chance that you are swinging it from outside in. In other words, you are coming over the top.

Cutting across the ball will cause slice. Golfers with this type of swing usually hit more fat shots than topped shots.

Like I talk about in How to Cure Fat Shots, when you cut across the ball, your angle of approach into the ball tends to be very steep.

So you don't have a large margin of error.

On the other hand, tour pros sweep the ball or hit it with a slight descending blow (for irons). So they have more like a shallow angle of approach into the ball.

That's why they don't miss a lot of shots. Even if they miss a little, they still hit it well because they have larger margin of error or larger impact zone than average players.

To fix your fat shots and slice, you need to start swinging in from inside the target line.

The Drill to Swing from Inside

Here is a simple drill for you. Set up with you 7 iron or 6 iron. Place your ball in the middle of your stance.

Now, try to hit the golf ball more toward the toe of the clubface. If you come over the top, you will find it hard to hit the ball toward the toe of the clubface.

But this is a good drill that helps you swing from inside.

Draw an Imaginary Target Line

When you hit balls, make sure your clubhead comes from the inside of your target line. To do that, you should draw an imaginary target line from your target through your golf ball in your mind.

On the golf course, you should do the same. I have a clear image of my target line. It makes it easier for me to swing inside in.

Slicers usually don't have this imaginary target line on their mind at address.

When slicers hit balls from inside, you will hit it to the right of the target. But don't worry about that.

Keep swinging from inside. But when you do so, try to face the back of your left hand toward the ball on the downswing.

This will let you hit a strong draw that curves from right to left..

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