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How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

Topping the golf ball is a common fault you see among average players.

Some teachers say that topping is a good players' mistake. If you swing from inside out, your bad shots tend to be topping the golf ball. But if you swing from outside to in, it's easier to hit it fat than topping it.

But I know lots of high handicappers having this type of problems as well.

Let's see how you can fix this fault.

How you should look at the Golf Ball

I have a question for you.

How do you look at the golf ball at address?

I guess most of players look at the top of the golf ball. Because you stand over the ball, it's easier to look down at the top part of it.

But this sometimes causes topping.

When you strike the ball, clubface will hit the back of the ball. So when you set up to hit the ball, you should look or focus on the back of the ball because that's where you want your clubface to go.

But if you look at the top of the ball, what happens? You tend to hit the top of the ball.

So try to look at the back of the ball and sweep the ball to stop topping the golf ball.

Another Cause for Topping

Another cause for topping is trying to lift the ball in the air. High handicappers often make this mistake, but you will see good players doing this sometimes.

When you try to hit it high, your instinct will tell you to hit up on the ball.

But there is one problem.

The golf ball is on the ground. So if you try to hit up on the ball, you will top it or hit it fat.

The reasons why golf ball will go up in the air are the loft on the club and the backspin.

So to hit it higher, you have to trust the loft on your club and hit it on the slight descending blow for more spin.

It's hard to do the opposite of your instinct. But that's really the key to improvement in golf.

Good Drill to fix it

If you want to stop topping the ball, you should sweep the ball off the turf or hit it with a slight descending blow.

To do that, your hands should be little bit ahead of the ball at impact.

For players who top the ball, the clubhead beats hands at impact causing them to flip the clubhead.

So here is the drill.

Let's use 7 iron. Swing to the top and begin your downswing. At impact, make sure your shaft is leaning toward the target.

In other words, your hands should be well ahead of the ball at impact. Your hands should beat the clubhead to the ball.

For this drill, you should exaggerate the move. Make sure that your hands are in front of your left thigh at impact.

After hitting 20 balls using this drill, hit balls with your normal swing.

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