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How to Sweep the Ball Off the Tee with Your Driver

To hit your driver solid off the tee, you need to sweep the ball or hit it slightly on the upswing.

Golfers who slice the ball tend to swing down to the ball with a steep angle of attack at impact. When you do this with your driver, it makes it easier to cut across the ball. This will produce slice spin and cause big banana ball to the right.

To avoid cutting across the ball with your driver, you need to swing little from the inside the target line.

Another way to sweep the ball off the tee is try looking at the back of the ball at address and during the swing.

This will also keep your head back during the downswing.

Should You Sweep the Ball or Hit it on the Upswing?

If you need to increase distance of the tee, you need to consider three elements.

1.Clubhead speed
2.Launch angle

To maximize distance, you need 1) higher clubhead speed, 2) higher launch angle, 3) less spin.

But the most important thing is balance of these three elements. You can have less spin. But if you don't have higher clubhead speed, the ball will tend to drop and won't go too far.

You can have higher launch angle. But if you had too much spin on the ball, the ball will go too high in the air and won't go too far as well.

So you need balance of these three elements.

Anyway, it will be easier to achieve higher launch angle if you hit the ball on the upswing with less spin on the ball.

So when you need distance off the tee, you should tee it up little higher than normal and hit it slightly on the upswing. You can get more distance this way.

But there is a downside to it. If you try too hard to hit up on the ball, the face tends to open a bit and cause slice or push.

To avoid this, you should keep your eyes on the back of the ball. Agian, this will keep your head back during the downswing. It will be easier to keep your face square at impact this way.

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