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How to Release the Club to Hit it Straight with the Driver

Almost all the slicers fail to release the clubhead though impact. If you don't release the clubhead, your clubface will be open at impact causing slice or if you try not to slice it to the right, you tend to pull it to the left.

Driver only has little loft so that if your face is open at impact even a little bit, it will cause lots of slide spin and the ball will curve.

With your irons, because they have more loft on the club, it will cause more backspin. The backspin kills some of the sidespin so that the ball tends to go straighter than the driver.

Lots of golfers have problems with their drivers, but the truth is that they have some kind of swing with their irons as well. But with irons, slide spin hides their problems.

If You Position the Ball too much Left...

I suggest you play the ball in line with your heel with the driver. From there, you can try moving the ball little to the right or left to find the right position for you.

But lots of slicers tend to play the ball too far forward (much more than above.)


They need time to square the face at impact. They come to impact with their face open. That's why they hit it to the right.

They knew they have to do something coming into impact to square the face.

So they position the ball left to give themselves little more time to square the face.

But if you move the ball too much forward, it gets more and more difficult to release the clubhead.

If you release the clubhead to hit the ball, which is positioned too far forward at address, your ball will go left. You either hit a duck hook or pull it to the left.

If you try to fix this, you will have to leave the face open through impact, which will cause slice.

So positioning your ball forward will not allow you to release the clubhead correctly.

Move the Ball Back at Address

If you are slicer or having problems with releasing the clubhead, I want you to try to move the ball back at address.

Place the ball 1 to 2 ball lengths to the right from the left heel with your driver.

If you move the ball more to the right, it gets easier to release the clubhead through impact. If you are slicer, you might hit a big slice with this ball position at first.

When that happens, try to use strong grip to see if you can change the ball flight.

When you move the ball back, the ball will tend to go right. You will unconsciously start trying to fix this problem by trying to release the clubhead unless you start moving the ball to the left.

Thumb and Index Finger

One more tip.

There is the crease between your thumb and index finger when you grip the club.

At impact or just before impact, try to point the crease right toward the ball. This will make it easier to release the clubhead.

If you still hit slice, try to feel like the palm of your right hand is facing the ball at impact. It should prevent the face from opening at impact.

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