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7 Steps to Take the Correct Posture

Posture is another importance aspect in golf swing. It can determine the size of your golf swing and the ball flight as well.

You will never see a good player with poor posture.
So you have to have a good posture to play good golf.

Here is how to take a correct posture.

1. Stand up with your back straight
2. Spread your feet apart about shoulder width
3. Bend from the hips not the waist
4. Hang your hands naturally
5. Flex you knees a bit
6. Clap your hands
7. Lower your right shoulder and grip a club


Check point#1 Back

Keep your back straight. If your back is rounded, you will limit your backswing. The rounded back will also restrict the free movement of your arms.

So keep it straight. To check that, hold your shaft to your back. Make sure that the shaft stays in contact with your back.


Check point#2 Chin

Keep your chin up. On the backswing, your left shoulder goes under your chin. So check to see if your chin is up at address or not.

If not, make sure to keep it up so you can turn fully on the backswing.


Check point#3 Bend from the hips

Most golfers bend from the waist. That's why most of them have rounded back at address.

You need to bend from the hips. This is really important.


Check point#4 Knee flex

Tiger Woods said on his book that the common mistake among amateurs is to have too much knee flex. He said that this will limit their ability to turn on the backswing and downswing.

You need just enough knee flex so that when someone pushes you from behind or front, you won't fall over.


Check poist#5 Lower your right shoulder

Make sure to lower your right shoulder before taking your grip. If you don't lower your right shoulder and take a grip, your right shoulder tends to move toward the ball causing you align your shoulders to the left.

This is one of the major causes for slice.

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