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The Cause for Sliding Your Hips during the Swing

Tiger Woods said if you slide your hips on the downswing, you are going to lose power.

But why do golfers slide on the downswing?

The Cause is in Posture

The main cause for it is in posture. The spine angle is causing you to slide on the downswing and the backswing as well.

In golf, your right hand will be below your left hand when gripping the club. It's a same thing with your hips. Your right hip should be little lower than your left hip.

That means your spine should be tilted to the right a little. But lots of players have their spine perpendicular to the ground. That will make them slide during the swing.

Now, let me show you something.

1) Stand up with your feet spread apart. Put your hands on the waist.

At this point, your spine is perpendicular to the ground.

Now, turn to the right.

Where is your center of gravity? Probably at the center of your stance. In golf swing, you know that you need to shift your weight to the right foot.

By keeping your spine perpendicular to the ground, try to shift your weight to the right foot from here.

I think you are going to have to slide in order to shift your weight. This is happening during your real golf swing.

2) Now, stand up. But this time, tilt your spine little to the right. You will notice that your right shoulder is lower than your left. Spread your feet apart.

Try to turn to the right from this position.

Did you notice that your weight was naturally shifted toward your right foot?

I guess you didn't have to slide your hips so much to shift weight this time.

By tilting your spine to the right and lowering your right shoulder at address, it makes weight shift so much easier. It also prevents you from sliding on the backswing and the downswing.

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