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How to Cure Push-Slice with the Correct Backswing

Today, I would like to talk about how to cure push-slice.

The Key is in Your Backswing

I believe one of the reasons why you hit push-slices is in your backswing.

The problem is the lack of turning your body or shoulders during the backswing.

When you look at pros' backswing, at the top of their backswing, their left shoulder is right above the right knee or just inside the right knee.

This is the sign that they turned their body fully and shifted their weight to their right foot during the backswing.

But if you fail to do this, you will be forced to open your clubface during the backswing and tend to hit slices. Also, because you didn't turn enough, you won't have enough room to swing your arms during the downswing and tend to hit push shots to the right.

If you try to avoid push shots, you will have to swing from out to in and hit pulls.

Focus on Your Left Shoulder and the Spine Angle

To avoid push-slice, I would like you to focus on your left shoulder, first.

At the top of your swing, I want you to make sure your left shoulder is right above the right knee or just inside of it.

If your left shoulder is in the middle of your stance at the top of your swing, that's a clear sign that you fail to shift your weight. If that's the case, you just used your hands and arms.

This will likely to cause reverse-pivot.

So make sure your left shoulder is above your right knee at the top.

Another check point is your spine angle at the top of your golf swing.

At address, I want you to make sure your spine is slightly tilted to the right. This is because you grip your club with your right hand lower than your left.

Now, keep that spine angle and turn back to the top. Your spine must be tilted to the right as well if you just kept your spine angle at address and turned around it.

If your spine is tilted to the right at the top, your weight is successfully shifted to your right foot.

But if your spine is perpendicular to the ground, that's a sign of reverse-pivot. You won't hit the ball far at all from there.

So focus of your left shoulder and your spine angle to fix your push-slice. Also, I keep saying this to you, but it's really important to check your grip and your address.

Please see Basics of Golf for more information about grip, stance, ball position, posture and more.

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