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The Tips to Fix a Slice: Use Your Right Palm

Let's use your right palm to fix your slice.

I have been trying to find the ways to fix a slice for more than 15 years. Among the things I discovered, I found that focusing on your right palm is much easier than trying to control your clubface during the swing.

I asked lots of slicers to try the following and almost all of them had good results.

If you are left-handed, focus on your left palm.

Clubface Angle and Your Right Palm

The cause of your slice is the open face at impact. If you can control your clubface angle during the swing, you'll be able to hit any kind of shots you want. But it's hard to do.

The clubhead moves at a fast speed during the swing, and it's hard to control.

So let's focus on your right palm instead.

In this drill, you don't need a club. Pretend that your right palm is your clubface.

Here is how you do it.

1) Put your left hand on the waist
2) Swing back with your right hand
3) At the top, try to face your right palm toward the sky
4) On the downswing, you will have to close your right palm
5) When your right hand reaches waist height, try to face your right palm toward the ground

At impact, you should feel like your right palm is facing the ground as well.

David Leadbetter said the right palm mirrors the clubface. So by squaring up your right palm, you will be able to square your clubface.

Some players have stronger grip, so your right palm doesn't exactly mirrors the clubface. But it's close. It's a good idea to use your right palm to control your clubface.

When you actually hit balls, you should recreate the feeling you got from this drill.

If you do it exactly, you should be able to turn your slice into a draw.

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