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Looking Up and How to Fix Your Slice

One of the common faults you see among slicers is looking up at impact. However, even if you just keep your head down through impact, you might still slice the ball.

The reason why golfers look up is different from person to person. But if you just focus on the angle that your face is pointing and change it a bit, you might get interesting results and fix your slice.

Today, I'd like to show you how you can fix your slice by changing the angle of your face during the downswing.

But before we go on, you have to have a correct grip, posture and ball position. So please go over the basic of golf first.

Your Face Angle equals the Clubface Angle?

When you look up, your face or nose is pointing toward the target. So you can say that your face is open to the target.

When you look at your clubface at impact, it's also open to the target.

So there might be a strong relationship between your face angle and the clubface angle.

If the clubface is open when your face is pointing toward the target, you should do the opposite to close your clubface at impact for a straight shot or strong draw.

I want you to swing to the top using your middle iron. You don't need the ball for this drill.

As you rotate your body to the right, your head also turns to the right. So at the top of your swing, your face or nose is looking to the right.

Let's start your downswing.

At the top, you are looking right. So without changing the way your face or nose is pointing, swing your club past impact.

Your face should be pointing right (but keep your eyes on the ball) even after impact.

For this drill, you should cut your follow through short. Don't worry about taking finish position.

When you swing like above, you will find that you have more room for your arms to swing. You will also notice that it's much easier to turn the clubface over if your face or nose is pointing the opposite direction of the target.

If you feel like you might still slice the ball, try to feel like the palm of your right hand is facing toward the ground through impact.

This drill is for fixing your slice. To be exact, it's really hard to keep your head position at the top and swing down without moving your head. But trying to do so will help you turn your clubface over through impact and fix your slice.

How Long do You Have to Look at the Ball?

When you look up too early and turn your head toward the target, your clubface also opens through impact causing a slice.

So you need to keep looking at the ball as you strike the ball.

But how long do you have to keep looking at the ball?

If you have the tendency to look up too early, keep your head back or keep looking at the ball (or the spot that the ball was there) until your right hand reaches your left knee on the follow through.

This will keep your head back and prevent the clubface from opening at impact.

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