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Stop Reverse C Finish

When I started playing golf, lots of golfers had a reverse c finish because Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and other great players had reverse c finish.

But nowadays, with the new technology in golf clubs, you don't really need to finish in a reverse c position.

This type of finish may hurt your back also. So at the finish, try to move more than 90% of your weight to the front foot and make sure to raise your back foot so that your right foot will expose all parts of the shoe sole.

This will prevent you from finishing in a reverse c position.

At this position, your right shoulder should be little lower than left. If you fade the ball, your right shoulder should be lite lower than that. If you draw it, it should be little higher than normal.

Raise Your Right Heel

On the downswing, your right heel starts to rise as you swing down. If you try to keep it on the ground through impact, it might force you to block the shot to the right.

At the finish, you right foot should be on its toe showing the shoe sole. This is a sign of a complete weight transfer.

Follow through is just the Result of what happened

Your follow through is a result of what has happened before. So I really don't ask golfer to check positions in finish unless I think it's necessary for some reason.

Some teachers might tell you how you should position your arms, legs, clubs and so on. But I don't recommend you do that.

Like I said, follow through is just the result of what happened during the swing. So even if you fix your positions at the finish, you won't solve a real problem.

The follow through positions will only tell you that you might have problems in either address, backswing or downswing.

On the golf course, I don't care whether you have a pretty finish or not as long as you are hitting it well.

When I started golf, I read books that explained golf swing positions. I tried to copy those positions. As a result, I lost lots of distance which used to be my strength.

By trying to copy positions, I lost all my power during the golf swing.

Often times, positions are just the outcome. Your root problem or cause is somewhere else.

It took more than 5 years for me to figure that out. I don't want you to waste your time like me.

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