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How to Fix the Golf Swing Plane

There are lots of theories for swing plane. One plane, two plane, flat, upright and so on.

I used to have very flat swing plane on the half way of the backswing. At that time, I was struggling with a slice.

So I had to swing more upright going back. I tried to do that for more than 1 year but never was able to do so. The more I tried to fix my swing plane, the more distance I lost with all clubs in my bag.

So I finally quit trying to fix my swing plane. But today, I think I have the correct swing plane that's described by most teachers.

What did I do?

The first thing I did was to change my grip. I had a neutral grip because I copied tour players grip. But I was slicing it.

So the neutral grip was too weak for me. I changed it to a stronger grip with 3 knuckles of my left hand showing when I look down at address.

I rotated my right hand to match my left hand as well. I used to position my ball too far forward. So I moved it back in my stance.

Then I tried to face the palm of my right hand toward the ground at impact.

All these changes made me to draw the ball instead of a weak slice.

At that time, I still had some errors in my swing plane, but I didn't try to fix the position itself.

Instead, I check my alignment. I was aligning too far right. So I tried to keep my shoulders, waist, knees and feet all parallel to the target line.

By the time I noticed, my swing plane was naturally fixed. This is a proof that the swing plane is just the outcome of your address positions such as grip, ball position, posture and alignment.

Try not to fix your swing plane itself. But try to find what's causing you to have wrong swing plane. Every effect has its cause.

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