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The Myth of the Golf Swing Positions

In golf, there are too many theories about golf swing. You won't find this much methods in other sports.

So it's hard for beginners to find what's right for them.

Jack Nicklaus once said that he doesn't agree with the golf methods that talk too much about golf swing positions.

He said that whenever you change your swing, you have to worry about what that will do your clubface angle at impact.

Lots of teachers value golf swing positions. However, I think that the golf swing positions are only the outcome.

For example, your swing positions during the swing changes dramatically depending on how you grip the club.

If someone points out your incorrect position and even if you fixed that position itself, you probably lose power because the incorrect position itself is just the outcome and not the cause.

For instance, let’s say that someone tells you are dropping your right shoulder too much on the downswing.

You try to fix it by trying to keep your shoulders level through downswing.

Will this solve problem? No.

The cause for you to drop your right shoulder on the downswing may be the weak grip. In order to keep the face from opening, you may be unconsciously dropping your right shoulder to compensate.

In this case, you won't get any results unless you fix your grip.

Fix the Root of the Problem

Most of the golf tips or instruction you see may help you improve for a short period of time. But it doesn't last a long time because it doesn't fix the root of the problem.

Instead of trying to find incorrect position in your swing, try to find out what's causing you to do so. The golf swing position itself is just the outcome.

Most of the swing problems including incorrect golf swing positions are caused by wrong grip, stance, ball position, posture, alignment and other basics of golf.

You can solve most of your faults before you take your club back.

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