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How to Cure Cutting Across the Ball (Outside In)

There are 3 types of downswing.

1. Outside in ---- Slice
2. Inside in ---- Straight
3. Inside out ----Hook

Slicers' swing is usually outside in. When you swing from outside to in, you will either pull it left or slice it.

The typical mistake is to aim your body to the target and cut across the ball.

The ball may go at the target, but in reality, you are pulling the shot. If you hit it straight on shorter clubs but slice it with longer clubs, you may be swinging from outside to in.

The 7 Causes

Here are 7 causes of cutting across the ball.

1. Weak grip
2. Aligning your shoulders to the right
3. Aiming Left of the target to compensate for slice
4. Right shoulder is too high at address
5. Ball position is too far left
6. Reverse pivot or lack of weight transfer
7. Not using correct wrist cock

The fist things you need to check are your grip, alignment and ball position.

When changing outside in swing, you must change your grip first. If you swing from inside with a weak grip, you are going to hit a huge slice.

The Drill to Fix it

You can try this drill with your irons or woods.

1. Set the heel of your clubface to the ball
2. Try to hit the ball on the toe of your clubface

You don't have to swing hard at all. Use 60% of your power and focus on hitting ball more toward the toe on your clubface.

This is a good drill for curing shanks as well.

Ball Position

When you try to fix your outside in swing, you must stand square to the target but feel like you are starting the ball right of the target.

You need to pay attention to the ball position as well. The further you place the ball left, the more you tend to swing from outside to in.

With a 7 iron, place the ball in the center or just left of center and hit balls. This will make it much easier to swing from inside.

You may start hitting push shots. But that's ok as long as it's not slicing. If it starts slicing, check the knuckles of your left hand. Make sure you see 3 knuckles on your left hand. And then match your right hand to your left.

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