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The First Backswing Position to Check

Like I said in the article, The Myth of the Golf Swing Positions, I want you to take a look at the basics of golf before you start checking your golf swing position.

On the backswing, the shaft position and the angle of clubface are two of the most important things to check.

When you take the club back to your waist height, the shaft will be parallel to the ground. That's the first position to check.

It's harder to control downswing than the backswing. So let's work on your backswing first.

When the shaft is parallel to the ground, check those two points.

1. Shaft

See where the shaft is pointing. If the shaft is parallel to the target line, you are fine.

If the shaft is pointing toward the target, you are taking it back too much on the inside. Lots of slicers take the club back too much to the inside.

When you take it back too much on the inside, you tend to come over the top on the downswing.

Hookers tend to take it back outside. When you take it back outside, you tend to swing too much from the inside on the downswing.

So make sure your shaft is parallel to the target line at this position.

2. Clubface Angle

Also, check your clubface angle at this position. If the clubface is pointing the ground, your clubface is extremely closed and will cause a hook. If the face is pointing the sky, your clubface is way open causing a big slice.

The correct position differs depending on the type of grip you have but the clubface should be somewhere in the middle of those two position above.

If you slice, point your clubface more toward the ground at this position. You can also try a strong grip. The strong grip will help you square the face at this position.

If you hook the ball, point your clubface more toward the front. Make sure the face is not pointing too much to the ground. Again, you should try a weak grip to fix this problem as well.

3. Logo on your glove

You can also check the logo on your left hand glove at this position.

Swing the club to the waist height where the shaft is parallel with the ground.

Check the logo of your left hand glove.

If it faces toward the ground, your clubface is closed. If it faces toward the sky, you clubface is too much open.

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