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The Tips and Drill to Fix Pull Shots

There are two types of pull shots.

1) Goes left of the target
2) Goes left and curves right (slice)

So slice and pull shots are closely related. If the clubface is facing left, you will hit a pull. If the clubface is open to the swing path, you will hit a slice.

There are few common faults you see with pull shots and slice.

1. The ball is too far left
2. The swing path is outside in (cutting across the ball)

How to Cure it

To cure your pull shots, you need to work on your ball position and the grip. If you ball position is too far to the left, you will tend to pull it. If it's too far back, you will likely to push it.

Here is a good drill that was used by Jack Nicklaus. You can use it to cure your pull shots as well. We should use 7-iron for this drill.

1) Pick a target that is 10 yards away
2) Align your feet, shoulders and knees parallel with the target line. Put your shaft against your shoulders to see if they are really square
3) Ask your friend to stand behing the ball. Ask you friend to tell you whether your shot went right or left of your target.
4) Start hitting balls
5) If it goes left of your target, move your ball back until the ball goes at the target

I don't care if you slice the ball or not. You are only working on the initial direction of the shot.

If you move the ball back, you will likely to hit a slice. But that's fine.

After correcting the initial direction of the shot, let's start working on your grip next.

Turn both hands to the right until you see 3 knuckles of your left hand.

When you grip a club, make sure you lower your right shoulder and then grip it. This will help you grip the club correctly.

Now, hit shots with your new ball position and the grip.

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