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Tips and Drills for Driving Accuracy

Driver is usually a special club for most golfers. Once they grab a driver, they shift the gear and try to hit it as hard as they can.

But unless you are in the long drive competition, you can't forget about accuracy.

Jim Furyk is known as one of the most accurate drivers in the game. He always ranks high in driving accuracy. He is not only accurate but also long off the tee. He can hit it 280 yards with accuracy.

Jim Furyk said he has 3 keys to driving accuracy. There are:

1. Know your average driving distance
2. Pick a spot for your target
3. Don't swing with 100% of your power

If I ask you have far you hit your 7 iron, you will tell me instantly. But how about a driver?

Jim said hitting a driver will become much easier if you pick a spot to hit instead of trying to hit it as far as you can.

Here is the drill that Jim Furyk uses for driving accuracy.

Alternate hitting 7-iron and driver. Go back and forth between those 2 clubs. Jim said you should practice like this for at least 2 weeks to get used to it.

The key is to hit your driver like you would with your 7 iron. Use the same tempo and rhythm.

The Drill used by Davis Loveā…¢

Davis is known as one of the longest hitters on PGA Tour. When he joined PGA Tour, he was probably the longest hitter out there.

There is the drill that his father, Davis Love Jr. taught his son for accuracy.

Here is how you can do it.

1) Set up to hit the driver
2) Pick a target that is 100 yards away

If you feel like you are hitting well to the target, pick the next target that is 125 yards away.

To hit it 100 yards with a driver, you need to slow down your swing. Tiger Woods uses similar drill for his driver as well.

This slow motion drill can teach you lot of things such as tempo, swing plane, swing path and so on.

It's also a good drill to practice when you are not hitting your driver well.

Close Your Eyes

Another good drill for driving accuracy is to close your eyes and take practice swings with your driver.

When you close your eyes, you can't see anything. So you have to depend more on your feel.

Swing the driver with your eyes closed. And you will start to feel the position of your club, face angle, swing plane, swing path and so on during your swing.

Some pros hit balls with eyes closed. But you don't have to. If you are confident enough, you might want to try it. But make sure nobody is around when you hit balls with this drill.

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