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How to Hit the Driver off the Deck

I had the opportunity to watch Tiger Woods when he was in his 20's hit his second shot on the par 5 that's well over 600 yards.

He had about 300 yards left for his second shot. I thought he would lay up.

But he took his driver and hit it off the deck. His shot ended up in the bunker just in front of the green. He got up and down and made a birdie from there.

When I watched his swing in person, I was surprised to see how fast and powerful his swing was. His driver shot from the fairway took off like a bullet.

But the good thing is that you don't have to be as strong as he is to hit the driver off the deck.

I don't recommend hitting this shot for average players, but if you are an advanced player, you might want to try it.

The Keys to Hitting this Shot

If you want to try hitting a driver without teeing the ball up, you need to adjust your set-up.

Because the driver has very little loft, it's very difficult to get the ball airborne. Lots of players try to help the ball in the air and hit it thin or fat.

So how does Tiger Woods and other tour pros get the ball airborne with this shot?

Tiger Woods said he would hit a fade with this shot. His shot will start little left of the target and come back.

To hit this shot, you must have a flat lie or slightly uphill lie. The ball has to be sitting up on the grass. If the ball is sitting down, forget about using your driver.

Here is how to set up to the ball.

1) Aim 10 to 15 yards left of the target
2) Align your body to your aim line
3) Position your ball slightly back of normal
4) Aim your clubface to the target
5) Swing along your feet or body line and Sweep the ball off the turf

Tiger positions his hands so that they are almost even with the ball.

The important things to remember are:

1) Expect the shot to fly lower
2) Don't try to help the ball in the air
3) It's all about timing. So don't rush your downswing. Feel like you are hitting your 5 wood
4) Expect the ball to run a lot once it hits the ground
5) Sweep the ball off the turf and don't take any divot

You might want to experiment with your ball position when hitting your driver off the deck. Tiger Woods said he puts the ball an inch further back than normal.

If you hit a draw on every shot, you'll probably hit your 3 wood longer than your driver from the fairway.

When you hit a draw, you will deloft your club slightly. So it's not a good idea to hit a draw when hitting your driver off the deck. The ball will drop and lose distance if you do so.

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