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How to Cure Pop-Ups with a Driver

Most players probably experienced pop-ups with a driver. In this page, I will explain the cause of pop-ups, how to cure it and the drills to completely fix it.

The Cause

One of the most famous teachers in golf, Hank Haney said the cause for pop-ups is the reverse pivot. See Curing (Stopping) Reverse Pivot with Drills.

But why does the reverse pivot cause pop-ups?

If you have the reverse pivot, you will almost always swing outside in. In other words, you will come over the top to hit the ball.

Swinging from outside in will cause pop-ups. So even if you don't have the reverse pivot, you can swing from outside in and pop it up with a driver.

When you come over the top, the clubhead will come into impact with a steep angle of approach. So players with this type of problems usually experience pop-ups, fat shots, slice and pull shots.

Players who hit pop-ups start to lower the tee height because they are hitting under the ball. But lowering the tee height will even force them to hit down on the ball.

If you lower your tee height, you may be able to prevent pop-ups, but you are going to hit lots of slice and pull shots instead.

How to fix it

To fix your pop-ups, you need to swing more from inside. If you fix your slice, you will probably fix your pop-ups automatically. See how to fix slice.

So first, start with your grip. Change weak grip to stronger grip. See how to grip.

At address, make sure your right shoulder is lower than your left. This will help you swing more from the inside.

Here are some drills to help you.

1. Weight shift drill

Put your club against your shoulders. Bend from your hips and lower your right shoulder.

Next, try to turn to the right. At the top of your backswing, your club shaft should be over your right leg.

2. Tee it high

Tee the ball higher than normal. Use long tee and tee it as high as possible.

Next, hover your clubhead just behind the ball. Don't set the club on the ground.

Third, try to sweep the ball off the tee. At address, focus on the back of the ball not the top. If you look down at the top of the ball, you tend to swing down on the ball.

So avoid looking down at the top of the ball. Instead, focus on the back of the ball and try to sweep the ball.

3. Hit shots with closed stance

Here is a good drill to cure pop-ups with your driver. Take your normal address with your driver.

Next, set your ball a ball or 2 ball-length right of your left heel.

Third, pull your right foot back about 10 inches.

Now, hit shots from this closed stance. Make sure to hit it from the inside the target line.

4. Focus on the back of the ball

Most players see the top of the ball when they stand up to the ball. However, the top of the ball is not where the clubface contacts the ball.

So instead of looking at the top of the ball, focus on the back of the ball.

Focusing on the back of the ball will help you keep your head back as you swing through the ball for stronger shots with your driver.

This may be a very simple tip, but I'm sure it will help you a lot.

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