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The Position of Your Left Hip at Address

In golf, you grip your club with your right hand lower than your left. So that means your right shoulder also needs to be lower than your left.

In doing so, your spine will tilt slightly to the right as well. This is very important. If your spine isn't tilted to the right at address, it could cause reverse-pivot, and you will likely to hit a weak slice.

However, most golfers fail to set their spine correctly at address. One of the reasons why they fail to tilt their spines to the right may be in the position of their hips at address.

How to Set Your Hips at Address

Please see 7 Steps to Take the Correct Posture, also.

When you tilt your spine to the right, your hips will slide slightly to the left. Because your right shoulder will be set lower than your left, your left hip should be slightly higher than your right as well.

Actually, this is not a comfortable position to be in. No one will walk the street with his right shoulder lower than his left or has his left hip higher than his right hip.

The correct posture in golf may not be so comfortable for many. But I believe that this is one of the reasons why most golfers are slicers.

Anyway, let me explain more about the correct position of the left hip at address. Here are the easy steps to take the correct posture.

1) Stand up straight without your club. Spread your feet apart about shoulder width
2) Bend from your hips
3) Hand your hands naturally
4) Flex your knees a bit
5) Clap your hands in front of your body
6) Now, lower your right shoulder
6) As you lower your right shoulder, try to tilt your spine slightly to your right
7) When you do this, I want you to slide your hips a few inches to your left.

Now, take your grip. I want you to make sure your grip is toward the inside of your left thigh.

When you have the chance to see the address position of the PGA Tour pros, try to check the position of their left hip at address.

Their hips should be little left of center at address. This means their spine is correctly tilted to the right and their right shoulder is lower than their left.

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