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Ball Position for Slicers and Hookers

We have talked about the ball position for slicers and hookers earlier.

For Slicers

Slicers tend to play the ball more forward than hookers. By playing the ball too far forward, you are forced to come over the top and hit a slice or pull it left.

But if I ask those slicers to play the ball more toward the right foot, they will even hit a bigger slice to the right. That's because they have their clubface open on the downswing.

They need more time to turn the clubface over.

But if you want to fix your slice, you are going to have to play the ball more toward the right foot. Take your 7 iron and play the ball in the center or a little bit left of center.

You will probably hit the shot that starts right and curves more to the right. But that's ok.

After changing your ball position, change your grip next. Rotate your both hands to the right until you see 3 knuckles of your left hand when you look down.

You are going to have to change your ball position first because if you play the ball too far forward with a strong grip, you will hit a duck hook or just pull it to the left.

If you try to avoid those shots, you'll soon start to push it or hit a slice that start right and never come back to the target.

For Hookers

Golfers who hook the ball tend to play the ball back most of the time to avoid the miss to the left.

Their ball will curve to the left, so they need to start the ball right of the target. That's why lots of hookers align themselves to the right of target.

If they play the ball forward, they are going to hit a duck hook that quickly curves to the left. So they move the ball back to avoid left.

But if you play the ball too far back, you are forced to hit it too much from the inside on the downswing causing you to swing inside-out.

When you do this, the ball will start right. So you need to do something to guide the ball back to the target. You do this by turning the face over.

However, if you want to fix your hook, you have to play the ball little more toward left to stop from swinging too much from the inside.

For 7 iron, play the ball a ball-length or two forward of center.

When you play your ball forward, you are going to curve the ball to the left of target. But it's fine.

Next, you should change your grip. Turn both hands to the left until you see 2 1/2 knuckles of your left hand. If you still hook the ball, try 2 knuckles. Also, don't forget to check your right hand as well.

Some people change left hand grip and forget to change their right hand grip.

Hitting a Draw or Fade

You can use those rules that we talked about up to now to hit a draw or fade.

By moving your ball more to the left, it makes it easier to fade it. If you want to draw it, move the ball back a bit.

Tiger Woods said that by moving the ball back, it makes it easier to hit it from inside. If you play the ball more forward, it will let you swing from out to in helping you to fade it.

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