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How to Hit the Stinger Shot

A stinger shot is the shot that flies low to the ground and runs a lot once it hits the ground.

The advantage of a stinger is that it can bore into the wind, it runs a lot once it hits the ground and it can also give you more control without sacrificing the distance.

If you can master the technique, it will become your strong weapon on the course.

How Tiger Woods Hits it

Tiger Woods is known to use a stinger a lot. He hits this shot with his 3 wood.

Here is how he does it with a 3 wood.

1. Set up in a slightly narrower stance than normal

2. Use your normal ball position

For Tiger, he sets his ball just inside his left heel for his 3 wood and his driver.

3. Swing thought

His swing thought is to keep his hands leading the club well past impact. He does this by softening his elbows.

He also takes a little divot. This is a sign that his hands led the club at impact.

Also, try to point your club to the ground as long as possible.

He usually hits a draw with this shot. A draw will help you hit the ball low to the ground. Tiger sometimes hits a fade with a stinger, but that's a really difficult shot to hit. So I won't show you how to hit it on this page.

The Easy Way to Hit it

Tiger's technique is for advanced players and is easier to push the shot for most players.

So here is the easy way to hit a stinger.

1. Align your feet and shoulders to the right of the target

We are going to hit a draw with this shot. So I want you to pick an aim line little right of your target and set yourself up parallel to the aim line.

2. Aim your clubface to the target

This is important. Set your body parallel to the aim line (right of the target), but set your clubface to the target.

Make sure to close your clubface at address and then re-grip your club. Don't grip it and then close the face. If you do this, the clubface will open at impact.

So close the clubface and then re-grip the club.

3. Ball position

Set your ball one or two ball-length right of your normal position.

4. Backswing

Stop when your grip reaches the height of your right ear.

5. Downswing through follow through

The important key to the downswing is not to rush the swing.

Because you set your ball right of your normal position, your hands will naturally lead your clubhead.

I don't want you to take a big follow through. Try to keep your club low to the ground after impact. Also, try to limit your follow through.

You don't need a lot of clubhead speed to hit this shot. In fact, you want to slow it down a bit because it will reduce the amount of the backspin and give you more roll.

Once you master this shot, it will become your great weapon. I can hit this shot almost as far as my driver if the fairways are hard.

So try it. You might need some practice, but I'm sure you will love to see the ball roll like crazy on the fairway.

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