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How to Hit the Ball Low or High

There are situations where you need to hit the shot high to get over the trees or hit it lower against the headwind.

Hitting it lower

Hitting against the headwind, you want to keep the ball lower than normal.

When I absolutely have to hit it straight to avoid hazards on both side, I try to swing easy and hit it lower. The shot will have less side spin and tend to stay straight.

To hit it lower, you have 2 options.

1) Put the ball back in your stance and hit it lower
2) Take more clubs and swing easy

I almost always prefer to use the second method. By taking more clubs, you will automatically hit it lower. I try to swing easy to control distance and the spin I put on the ball.

The harder you swing the club, the more side spin or backspin you put on the ball.

So when you absolutely have to keep the ball in the fairway, swing easy with your driver. The ball will go lower than usual and roll more.

When you do so, try not to lower your tee. If you lower your tee, you will want to hit down on it and end up adding more backspin. You don't want that.

Some players prefer first method. They put the ball back in the stance and keep their finish low to the ground. You can hit it lower that way.

With a 7-iron, put the ball in the middle of the stance. Take a half swing and limit your finish.

But by placing the ball back in your stance, it becomes easier to push the shots. So be careful.

Hitting it higher

You have a few options to hit the ball higher.

1) Put the ball little more toward left
2) Open your clubface at address and hit a fade
3) Swing harder to add more backspin on the ball

To hit it higher, some tour pros put the ball little more forward in their stance than usual.

I use this method once in a while. But keep in mind that by placing your ball little bit more forward, you will tend to pull it.

When I have to get over the trees, I usually open my clubface at address and hit the intentional slice or the fade.

I aim left of the target and aim my clubface at the target. I swing along my feet and try to keep my face from rotating through impact.

Also, I put the ball little more toward to promote a slice.

The last method is very simple. If you swing harder, you will increase your clubhead speed and the amount of your backspin. So you will be able to hit it little higher than normal.

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