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Breathing: How to Breathe during the Golf Swing

You may wonder how you should breathe during the golf swing. Should you breathe in before you start your takeaway or breathe out?

I usually don't pay too much attention to my breathing at least during the golf swing. But before I start my swing, I try to take a deep breath.

There is a little trick to taking a deep breath, and I will explain about that at the end of this page.

Generally speaking, golfers usually breathe out at address, breathe in during the backswing and breathe out again on the downswing.

Some tour pros say they try to breathe out very slowly during the downswing and the follow through.

I don't think you need to consciously control your breathing during your golf swing. But if you feel like you get too tense during the swing, you might want to experiment with your breathing.

Like I said at the beginning of this page, I don't focus on my breathing during the swing. But I try to take a deep breath before I pull the trigger.

When you take a deep breath, you should try to breathe out before breathe in.

Marathon runners do the same thing. They first breathe out in order to take in more oxygen. So you should do the same.

Relax and Turn more on the Backswing

There is another way to change your breathing and improve your backswing.

Masaru Miyazato who is the teacher and father of Ai Miyazato (She was the top-ranked golfer in the Women's World Golf Rankings for multiple times) suggested the following.

At address, you should breathe out and then hold your breath. Now you should start your backswing.

He said that if you breathe in and start your swing, your chest will expand like a balloon and get in the way of smooth turning of your upper body.

I don't think this will work for every player, but it might be worth experimenting.

Try Tom Watson's Way

Tom Watson is one of the most famous golfers of all time.

He once talked about the breathing technique that can help you relieve tension.

His breathing techniqe came from the clay shooting. He said that the shooters' breathing techniqe can help golfers as well.

Here is how you can do it.

1. Take a deep breath
2. Let it out
3. Take another deep breath
3. Let half of it out and hold
4. Start your golf swing

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