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Hitting Slice with the Inside-Out Golf Swing

Most players understand that the outside-in golf swing will lead to a slice.

So teachers might tell you to swing inside-out to fix your slice. If this fixes your slice, that's nice. But in most cases, inside-out swing will cause even bigger slices for slicers.

By hitting slices with the inside-out golf swing, you might think that the swing path has nothing to do with fixing your slice.

That's partly true. Fixing the swing path alone won't solve your problems.

Why Your Clubface Opens during the Downswing

When you swing too much from the inside to create the inside-out golf swing, the club shaft flattens during the downswing causing your clubface to open as the shaft flattens.

This is usually a good player's fault leading to push shots or duck hooks if they flip their hands through impact.

For slicers, this will cause push-slice because they have their clubface way too open at impact.

Change Your Grip and Slow it down

For players who hit push-slice with an inside-out golf swing, the first thing they have to do is to change their grip to a stronger grip.

Make sure you see 3 or 3 1/2 knuckles of your left hand when you look down to see your left hand at address. Rotate your right hand to the right as well to match your left hand.

Before you change your swing path from inside-out to inside-in, I want you to hit a hook shot with an inside-out swing.

When players see their ball starting right of the target and curve to the right, they start to change their swing path from inside-out to outside-in swing. This is why they fail to fix their slice.

Instead, don't change your swing path and try to hit the ball that starts right of the target and come back to the left with your 7-iron.

I will show you 3 keys to hitting hook shots today.

1. Swing with 60% of your swing speed
2. Put the ball in the middle of your stance for your 7 iron
3. On the down swing, make sure your chest is facing the opposite direction of the target (looking right) as you start down. Feel like your chest is facing right until impact. Also, make sure the back of your left hand is facing towards the ground at impact.

If you do these things right, you will soon start to hit hook shots.

After being able to hit hooks shots on demand, you should start to fix your swing path from inside-out to inside-in.

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