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The Interesting Drill to Fix Your Slice

We have talked about how to fix your slice from time to time. To go over them, please see How to Fix Slice page.

Today, I like to show you another good drill to fix your slice. For this drill, I want you to wear your watch on your left hand if you are right-handed player.

Also, I want you to stand in front of a mirror to execute this drill.

We are going to check the position of your watch during your swing to fix the faulty position of your clubface.

All the slicers have their clubface open during their golf swing. If they are able to close their clubface, they will be able to turn their slice into a straight shot.

At Address

Please stand in front of a mirror and take your normal address position. You can do this with your club or without it.

Now, look in the mirror and check your watch. Do you see any part of the clock face? If not, you have a weak grip. In this case, I want you to rotate your left hand to the right until you see the part of your clock face.

If you hit a big slice all the time, I want you to rotate your left hand to the right so that most of the face of your watch is visible when you see it in the mirror.

This is very strong grip, and it should help you fix your huge slice.

After taking your left grip, put your right hand. Make sure it matches with your left hand. Some players take strong left hand grip and have weak right hand grip.

When the Shaft is Parallel with the Ground

Start your backswing and stop at the position where the shaft is parallel with the ground. Your hands are about your waist height.

Again, check the mirror.

If the face of your watch is looking straight ahead, that's fine. If it's facing toward the sky, you are sure to hit the slice.

If you would like to hit a draw, you might want your watch to face a little bit toward the ground.

At the Top

At the top of your backswing, turn your head to see the watch. If it's looking at you, that's open. If you are slicer, you want to feel like your watch is facing toward the sky.

At Impact

Stop at impact and check the mirror once again. If you see the face of your watch, the clubface is open, and you are going to hit the slice.

Instead, I want you to turn your watch toward the ground at impact for straighter shots.

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