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The Advanced Way to Hit a Draw and Fade

There are many ways to hit a draw and a fade. Probably, the most popular way to hit them is to open or close the clubface at address.

Jack Nicklaus did it that way. For most players, that is the easiest way to do it. But some players prefer other methods.

Changing the Position of Your Hands

Lee Trevino who won 6 majors preferred to hit a draw and a fade the other way. He is known to hit fades all the time. But he was naturally fighting a hook. To get rid of his hooks, he chose to hit fades.

Anyway here is how he did it.

For Draws:

To hit a draw, move your hands forward, toward the target. When you look down at your grip, it should hide your left shoe.

The important key is to move your hands forward first and then re-grip the club.

The clubface should be square to your aim line and then make your normal golf swing.

When you come to impact, your hands will naturally come back to your normal position which is little farther back than your started position.

When your hands move back at impact, the clubface should close a little. This will allow you to hit a draw.

For Fades:

To hit a fade, you should do the opposite. You should set your hands back, behind the ball.

At impact, your hands will naturally move forward. This will open the clubface a little for a fade.

For both methods, the important key is to move your hands first and then re-grip your club. Most players grip the club first and then move their hands. This won't work well.

Also, this will help you fix your slice or a hook as well. If you are hitting slices, try to move your hands forward and then grip your club.

If you are fighting hooks, you should check the position of your hands at address and make sure they are not too far forward.

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