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The 4 Drills to Turn Your Slice into a Draw

Before working on this drill, please see How to Fix Your Slice Completely.

Here are the drills to help you fix your slice and turn it into a draw.

1) Feet Together

Put your feet close together. Your feet do not have to tough each other. But you should put them close together.

Use 7 or 8-iron for this drill. Position your ball in the middle.

By setting up like this, you can focus on your upper body.

The key to this drill is after starting your down swing, try to make sure your right palm is facing toward the ground.

This should help you hit a draw or hook.

2) Pull Your Right Foot

Try to set up like above drill. Now, pull your right foot back about 10 inches or so.

Place your ball in the center or little right of center.

By pulling your right foot back a little, it makes it easier to hit it from the inside.

3) Split Hands Grip Drill

Another good drill to fix your slice and turn it into a strong draw is to use the split hand grip.

Here is how you can work on this drill.

First, take your grip with your left hand. Second, take your right hand grip and lower it a few inches down the shaft.

Third, take a few practice swings with this grip and focus on turning the clubface over through impact. The split hands grip will help you turn the face over.

When taking your left hand grip, make sure that you see 3 knuckles. I want you to rotate your right hand to the right as well to match your left hand grip.

After taking a few practice swings, tee the ball up and hit it with a half swing. If you still slice the ball, turn your right hand more to the right until the ball starts to fly straight or curve a bit to the left (draw).

4) Closed Stance + No Weight Shift

Here is another good drill to turn your slice into a strong draw.

1. Take your address and pull your right foot back about 5 to 10 inches
2. Your feet will be closed to the target, but make sure your shoulders are square to the target line. This is important.
3. As you swing your club, keep your weight on your front foot and don't shift your weight throughout the swing

The closed stance will let you swing from the inside, and by not shifting your weight, you will learn to turn your hands over through impact.

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