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The Shoulder Turn and the Slice

PGA Tour pros turn their shoulders 89 degrees on average. But lots of amateurs slide their body to the right rather than turning back.

When you slide your body and try to swing with your arms, you will tend to come over the top. You will not hit it very far with this type of swing at all.

So try to turn rather than slide on the backswing for more power.

When I was in college, I had similar problems. I was sliding to the right on the backswing. As a result, I had the reverse pivot.

I tried hard not to slide, but the harder I tried to stop sliding, the more I hit slices.

I wondered why.

I finally realized that I had my clubface open to the swing path during the whole swing. So if I turn back and hit it, I will have my clubface open and hit a weak slice to the right.

So in an effort to stop slicing, I was sliding to the right. Interesting thing is that I was doing so unconsciously. I think lots of slicers are doing the same thing.

They are doing their best not to open the face at impact. As a result, they are sliding or have the reverse pivot.

So trying to fix sliding or reverse pivot won't solve the problems at all. In fact, it will make things even worse.

This happened to me. I had several teachers to teach me. My teachers said my grip is neutral and fine. So I didn't change my grip.

But that lead me to struggle for years with lack of distance. At that time, I was trying so hard to hit it 230 yards with my driver. Now, I can hit it 230 yards with my 3 iron.

So I finally thought that my grip maybe neutral for most people, but it's too weak for me.

So I change it to stronger grip. It changed everything. My reverse pivot and sliding was gone. (This may not be the case for everyone. Some players can't fix their problems just by changing their grip)

I gained lots of distance and finally cured my slice. See related articles below for how I change my grip and so on.

With a correct grip, I was finally ready to work on my swing.

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